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Each piercing is unique to individual anatomy. If you're unsure about your eligibility for a specific piercing, visit us for a free anatomy assessment. We'll help you find the perfect piercing tailored to you!

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Piercings on Minors

(Children under 15 years of age)

In the state of Florida, we are NOT able to pierce anything other than earlobes on children under 15.

With that being said...

So you’ve decided to let your little ones get their ears pierced. We’re excited, they’re excited! However, before bringing them in to get them pierced, there are some things to consider.

We like to pierce your child at around age 7. However, we can technically pierce as young as age 5. You, the parent, ultimately know your child the best.

Ready to book your appt?

Before booking an appointment for your child's piercing, there are a few requirements we need to ensure:

1. Your child must be able to sit still during the procedure for the safety of our piercers and themselves.

2. Your child must understand the importance of daily aftercare for several weeks to promote proper healing and minimize the risk of infection.

Additionally, we advise against submerging fresh piercings in bodies of water and emphasize that your child should avoid touching the piercing except when cleaning it.

3. Your child must comprehend that they cannot touch their piercing, except with clean hands during cleaning, to avoid introducing bacteria and risking infection.

4. It's important to note that a child's body, including their earlobes, is still growing. For this reason, we recommend waiting until at least 5 years old to ensure the correct placement of the piercing as their earlobes continue to develop.

If your child cannot fulfill all of these requirements, we will be unable to proceed with the piercing.

ID Requirements for ALL minors

Proper identification is required for all clients in Florida for any procedure, including piercings, jewelry changes, downsizing, or consultations.

  • Parents or legal guardians and minors must present valid government-issued photo identification.

  • If a minor doesn't have a legal state-issued ID, a school ID or photo in a yearbook is acceptable, but it must be accompanied by a birth certificate or other legal document showing the birth date.

  • The last name of the parent or guardian must match the minor's last name or have appropriate legal documentation explaining the difference (e.g., marriage license, divorce papers, tax report, or matching names on the birth certificate and ID).

  • The guardian must be present throughout the entire procedure.

  • A notarized consent form from the State of Florida, available here, must be brought in.


**Please note: Any attempt to use a fake ID or impersonate another person will be prosecuted as a federal offense.

Please Note**

- We will not pierce anyone under 5 years of age, even earlobes.

- Nipple piercings will only be performed on consenting adults aged 18+



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