Every piercing is anatomy specific, when we are considering piercing our clients, we need to take into account that everyone has different anatomy. Some clientele does not have anatomy that can accommodate certain piercings – If you are unsure if you can get a certain piercing, come in for your free anatomy assessment!


We would be happy to find you the perfect piercing for you!

Please Note**

  • Nipple piercings will only be performed on consenting adults aged 18+ years – NO Exceptions!

  • We do not do single-point, surface, or genital piercings at this shop.


Children under 15

So, you’ve decided to allow your little ones to get their ears pierced. We’re excited, they’re excited! However, there are some things to consider before bringing them in to get them pierced.

We like to pierce your child at around age 7, however, we can technically pierce as young as age 5. You, the parent, ultimately know your child the best.

Please note: we will not pierce anyone under 5 years of age, even earlobes.

We do not pierce anything other than earlobes on anyone 5-15 years of age.

Before you book an appointment, we need to ensure that your child can do a few things before we will agree to pierce them:

1. Your Child Needs to be Able to Sit Very Still During the Procedure.

This is to ensure both the safety of our piercers and your child. A wiggly child can result in a needle stick, which can be very harmful to everyone involved. 

2. Your Child Needs to Understand that They Have to Care for Their Piercing DAILY for Several Weeks.

We recommend a two-step, daily aftercare routine for the first 6-8 weeks after getting your ear lobes pierced. This is to ensure the piercings heal well, and that they will not be irritated, extending the healing time or possibly become infected. 


In addition, we recommend all clients not submerge their fresh piercings in any bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, pools, and baths. This is to prevent the introduction of bacteria, and chemicals like chlorine that can lead to drying out, clogging, and irritation of the piercing thus extending the healing time, or lead to a possible infection.


3. Your Child Needs to Understand They Cannot Touch Their Piercing, Aside from When They Clean It. 

If they are constantly touching their piercing with unclean hands, this increases their risk of infection by introducing bacteria to an open wound. We do not want them touching their piercing aside from when they have clean hands or are cleaning it.


4. Your Body Is Still Changing When You’re Young, Even Your Earlobes.

One of the reasons why we don’t like to pierce younger than 5 years old, is because your child is still growing, yes, even their earlobes! What might be the correct placement on their ears now, might not be the correct placement later on in life. They may end up being uneven or mismatched as their earlobes grow.

If your child is unable to do ALL of these things, we will not pierce them.
(Ages 5-17 years old)

Legally in the state of Florida, we need to have proper Identification for all clients each time, and for all procedures; whether it is a piercing, jewelry change, downsize, or consult.



  • We require that the parent or legal guardian and minor have valid government-issued photo identification.

  • If the minor does not have a legal state-issued ID (i.e. driver’s license or passport) this can be a school ID or picture in a yearbook that MUST be accompanied by a birth certificate or legal document/form that shows a birth date (i.e. sports physical, or school portal). 

  • The last name of the parent or guardian MUST be the same as the minor or legal documentation as to why they are different. (Examples: marriage license, divorce papers, minor listed as a dependent on a tax report, or guardian’s name matches on their ID as listed on the birth certificate).

  • The guardian must be present during the entire procedure.

  • You must bring in a notarized consent form from the State of Florida, found here


Please note: We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone attempting to use a fake ID or trying to impersonate another person as this is a federal offense.