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Does it hurt?

Everybody is different when it comes to pain tolerance. Some people find the tattoo application enjoyable. But when considering how painful a tattoo will be, placement is one of the most important factors. Tattoos on your hands and feet tend to be more painful than on your arms or legs, but you will be surprised how much less painful your tattoo experience will be than you expected.

For piercings, everyone has a different pain tolerance, and some piercings may cause more discomfort than others, but again it is totally up to your personal pain tolerance. 

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our shop minimum is $100, but as the complexity and size of your tattoo increase, so will the cost. That being said, the artists here are more than happy to work with your budget and can set multiple appointments with you as your funds allow.

Do you do piercings?

Yes, we do! Please visit our Piercing page for more info!

HELP, Piercing aftercare?

Please visit our Piercing page under aftercare for more info!

How old do I need to be to get a piercing?

We only offer ear lobe piercings for minors 5-15 years old with parental consent and presence and a variation of piercings for minors 16-17 with parental consent. Please note nipple piercings will only be performed on consenting adults 18+. 


I'm a minor, how do I get a tattoo/piercing?

  1. The State of Florida requires that we have a notarized parental consent form for any tattoos and piercings performed on clients under the age of 18.  Parental consent forms can be picked up in person at the shop, or you can get the form online here for tattoos and here for piercings.

  2. The parent or legal guardian must be present for clients 15 years old and younger.

  3. An appointment is required for children under 16 (earlobe piercings only). For more info, see our Minors section piercings here. 


Why do I need parental consent to get tattooed/pierced?

Performing tattoos/body piercings on somebody under the age of 18 without the required notarized parental consent form is a misdemeanor of the second degree in the state of Florida, as outlined in section 777.082 and section 775.083 Florida Statutes.

Should I tip my artist?

Yes. Tips are always welcome as a sign of appreciation for your artist. Tips range anywhere from 20%-30% or more, but ultimately it is entirely up to the client on how much they want to or can afford to tip.

Do you accept credit/ debit cards?

Yes, we take both cash and accept all major credit cards.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we are more than happy to accommodate walk-ins. However, if you want a larger or more intricate tattoo, your artist will ask that you leave a deposit and give them some time to prepare for it adequately. Keep in mind that the deposit is taken from the overall price of the tattoo, and it guarantees your appointment with the artist. 

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Make sure to eat a good meal before your appointment, bring snacks or drinks if you need them, wear comfortable clothing that allows us to access the area being tattooed or pierced, and your ID. For more information, check out our 'Before your Appointment' section here.

What is a deposit and how does it work? 

You can find our Deposit policy here. 

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

You can find our Cancellation policy here

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